beigel and beigel


Beigel & Beigel originates from a small family run bakery in Poland, back in 1880. The Beigel family then moved to Israel and brought with them the special secret recipes, which were kept by each generation. The family strictly kept to these recipes and were careful to pick only the finest ingredients, proudly baking their pretzels and salty snacks.

All our products are baked and not fried! They are free of artificial colours and preservatives, cholesterol, trans- fatty acid and lactose.

Our factory works daily to supply the demand for our products from over 50 countries around the world. We operate according to very strict international standards for quality, food safety and general manufacturing practices. 

All our products are kosher certified and there are no animal fats used in our factory. Therefore, all our products are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

We also operate to very strict standards for taste. Our snackers are very very fussy! 

We invite you to smell the freshness, feel the unique texture and taste the best ever pretzels and salty snacks!

Once you open a pack- watch out! It is really hard to stop!